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I’m Anje, the owner of Bush Marine Tours and the leader of an incredibly passionate team of travel planners. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by Africa’s incredible plant and animal diversity. I studied Ecology and today I create bespoke, nature-inspired ecotours throughout Africa to showcase its beauty. Let’s get you out of your comfort zone to experience something extraordinary. Learn to drive a 4×4, track cheetah on foot, watch baby sea turtles hatch or join a traditional cooking class. I look for immersive activities like these to create bespoke adventures like no other. It brings me immense joy to share my love for Africa with our clients and it makes my day when they send me photos and ‘thumbs up’ emoji’s during their trip!

Bespoke Getaways in South Africa

Bespoke ecotours and safaris - Bush Marine Tours & Adventures

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I live in the friendly city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with my fisherman-husband and 3 year old son. I grew up climbing trees and spent almost every weekend camping in a game reserve with my family. If I could be out in the bush everyday, I would. I want nothing more than for you to have an amazing experience in Africa that leaves you with fond memories. Is Africa on you bucket list? Here’s mine but by no means is it complete though. If you are yearning for an exciting, bespoke adventure in Africa, you are in the right place. Browse our popular itineraries and see for yourself. Let’s have a virtual coffee date via Skype to discuss your dreams and trip needs!

Let’s Connect!

Anne Kloes


''Early April this year (2019) I decided together with my best friend to travel through South Africa. The trip should start about 4 weeks later in the beginning of May. I thought that’s just a short time for making plans and my expactations wasn’t too big. But I got the recommendation to ask Anje if she could help us. I sent her an e-mail and promptly I got an answer. Just a few days (and questions about our preferences) later I got the first itinerary. We discussed a few things, changed some activities, got a bunch of tips and we got our finally itinerary! I was incredibly happy to have such a lovely person who helped me to plan our trip and made us brave enough to rent a car and to do a roadtrip from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. One day before the adventure began, I met Anje for dinner and she explained to me our entire itinerary and gave me some more tips. I felt very comfortable to know there is a person I can call everytime if there is a problem. Every day we got a message from Anje and she asked us if everything was alright. Sophie and I really enjoyed the daily conversation and felt very safe and cared for. She also reminded us to fill up with diesel if there was a long drive without fuel stops. We really loved all our accommodations with their amazing hosts. Every single accommodation had its own special character and all the hosts were friendly and ready to help. The contact to Anje made us feel comfortable and we were happy to see her again at the airport before we left Port Elizabeth. For me it is clear that I will not start my next trip to South Africa without Anje.''

Jo Williams

South Africa

''Thanks so much to Anje for an incredible Cape Town tour! Well organised with great accommodation. Highly recommend Bush Marine to anyone wanting to explore this beautiful country.''