Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism involves minimising the negative social, economic and environmental impacts that are associated with tourism. As an (eco)tour operator, animal welfare, environmental awareness and education and social upliftment are very important to us. Therefore we take these issues into consideration in each facet of our business.  As a company, we do not support any institutions or participate in interactions which condone the unethical treatment of people or animals. If you expect to cuddle a lion cub or ride an elephant while in Africa, our business is not for you! We are advocates for conservation and want to showcase South Africa’s beautifully preserved natural heritage so all our animal interactions are restricted to wild encounters. Our preferred tour operators all have the necessary permits. Once you have witnessed the magic of an elephant herd crossing a river in the heart of the African bush or a meerkat mob taking on a cape cobra, you realise how privileged you are, and you will vow to yourself to never support operations which exploit animals.


All our preferred accommodation establishments have been hand-picked and meet our high expectations and standards. We strive to only support establishments which endeavour to tread lightly on our planet. These lodges and guesthouses actively recycle, have water and energy saving practices, and strive to uplift their community by hiring locally. They also support the smaller businesses in the area amongst other initiatives. We would also choose a small, family-run business over a large hotel chain to support those small businesses and to give our guests a more authentic experience. On a smaller scale, we recycle and use energy-saving bulbs in the office and we strive to use as little paper as possible.


Would you like to help off-set your carbon footprint while travelling? Why not consider sponsoring a tree with GreenPop! Your donation will help fund reforestation projects in South Africa. 

More Green Travel tips:

Use our reusable water bottles instead of buying bottled water

Take a quick shower instead of a long, brim-filled bath

Pack less – you’ll be more fuel-efficient because you’ll have less to move!

Avoid plastic bags and other packaging – travel with a reusable shopping bag or similar

Enjoy locally grown fruit and vegetables and locally brewed beer

Travel in a small group as they tend to have less of an impact

Participate in the towel reuse program at lodges and guesthouses

Skip the straw!

Go on a tech-detox during your trip

Choose your tour operators wisely!


Go on, take the plunge…change the way you travel and join us!