The African Penguin

African penguins (Spheniscus¬† demersus), or the jackass penguin has risen to fame by posing for millions of photos at Boulders Beach in Simonstown just outside Cape Town. Interestingly though, the largest breeding colony occurs on St Croix island off the coast of Port Elizabeth. Their comical waddle and oh-so-cute faces have given them celebrity status […]

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How to be a more eco-friendly traveller

If you are a travel-addict, you may have given some thought to your travel footprint. Sustainable travel is actually all about making simple choices that will reduce your impact on your chosen destination. But it’s sometimes easier said than done!¬†I have struggled with this myself and often get caught up in the ‘convenience’ excuse. Some […]

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Sun, sand and sea turtles

Sunset. This is the perfect time to start patrolling the sandy beach. Equipped with a water bottle and a camera, we head into the darkness echoed by crashing waves. Near the high tide mark, we spot unusual animal tracks. A female sea turtle has come ashore to look for a suitable nesting site. She meticulously […]

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