Seven reasons to go on a women-only tour

So many of my friends have been bitten by the travel bug…big time. When we get together, we constantly talk about our travel dreams. However, I find it so sad that many of them put these dreams on hold because they can’t find a travel buddy and also don’t want to travel solo. It’s hard […]

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How to be a more eco-friendly traveller

If you are a travel-addict, you may have given some thought to your travel footprint. Sustainable travel is actually all about making simple choices that will reduce your impact on your chosen destination. But it’s sometimes easier said than done! I have struggled with this myself and often get caught up in the ‘convenience’ excuse. Some […]

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Coffee with the (meerkat) mob

If you’ve been following our story, you will know that I have a soft-spot in my heart for certain creatures…and one of them, is meerkats. Besides their cute-factor, I love how they work together as a team to survive. Let’s be honest, their small size, largely inhospitable habitat of choice and the fact that they […]

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