Women’s Retreats

Are you ready for an adventure in Africa but don’t necessarily want to travel alone? No problem! We offer women the opportunity to explore South Africa in the safety and comfort of a small group of like-minded adventurers. Our eco-retreats are carefully designed with the needs of solo women travellers in mind. We do all the planning; all you need is your passport! Join us for or a stress-free, energising experience and make lifelong friends. Our women’s retreats will leave you feeling refreshed. ready to take on the world!

Why travel with me?

Women only

 Stress-free – no planning for you to do

A small group (max 8 ladies)

 No big tour buses. Ever.

Plenty of free time

Personal host and driver

Excellent value for money

Return home refreshed

The Benefits

Live your African Dream – NOW

Don’t put off travelling until you retire! Here is the opportunity to experience Africa now. There’s no need to worry about travelling solo, designing an itinerary or hassling with transport arrangements because I’ve got you covered!

Get renewed inspiration

Being surrounded by nature truly inspires you to be the best YOU possible. It also boosts your morale and improves your overall sense of well-being. I strive to offer life enriching experiences so you will return home feeling inspired and in totally love with Africa.

Improved health and increased energy

We will be feasting on delicious locally grown fruits and vegetables and fresh, local meat and seafood. We will also be walking on a daily basis in glorious fresh air! So you will return home revitalised and energised.

Be taken care of

As women, we always look after others; your kids, parents, the neighbour’s cat…You have to be a wife, mother, cleaner, psychologist, boss, teacher…There never seems to be time to do something for ourselves. Let someone take care of you for a change! I want you to kick back and fully enjoy this Soul Safari. So have peace of mind; I will look after you from the moment you arrive at the airport.


Is an eco-retreat for you?

These eco-retreats are for anyone who has dreamed of travelling to Africa and who needs an escape from their busy life. Join a small group of like-minded women who are actually friends you just haven’t met yet! Can you relate to these?

I have a wanderlust heart in need of adventure

I am eco-conscious

I’d love to experience a wildlife safari in Africa

I love the idea of staying in family-run lodges and supporting the local community

The sound of the ocean is soothing

Being outdoors calms me down

My soul needs to be revitalised

Off-the-beaten-path sounds great

Have passport, will travel


Karoo Escape Women’s Retreat

Are you craving some “me time”? As women, we always look after others; kids, parents, the neighbour’s cat…There just never seems to be time to do something for ourselves. The beautiful Karoo is the ideal location for a mini break Women’s Retreat in South Africa. 


Soul Safari Women’s Retreat

Destress, unwind and surrender yourself to the healing power of Africa. Feel the tension melt away while you watch a herd of elephants frolic in a river immersed in a spectacular savannah sunset. Close your eyes, let the fresh ocean breeze through your hair clear your mind. Join me on this adventurous Women’s Retreat as we explore and rejuvenate in sunny South Africa.



Wild Hearts Women’s Safari

Is Africa calling your wild, wanderlust heart? Have you always dreamed of experiencing a proper African Safari? Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Join me for 5 nights in the heart of the world renowned Greater Kruger Park. We will be staying at two gorgeous, eco-friendly bush camps. Both are remote and tranquil, offering an exclusive safari experience. You will have excellent opportunities to capture priceless wildlife memories. We don’t focus only on the Big Five– there is so much more to see!

A Wild Safari

A Wild Safari