Karoo Escape Women’s Retreat

Are you craving some “me time”? As women, we always look after others; kids, parents, the neighbour’s cat…There just never seems to be time to do something for ourselves. We persevere through our busy schedule but how can we be everything for everyone, all the time? It’s impossible. We all reach a point in our lives when we need to take a step back to take care of ourselves. Even a super-woman like you deserves a break!

Do something just for you…

Where better to escape to than in the heart of the Karoo? Unplug from the demands of life and take the plunge to take care of you. There’s no magical diet, exercise program or bizarre rituals on this retreat. I believe that spending time outdoors creates feelings of peace and calmness which reduces stress, declutters your mind and ultimately rejuvenates your soul. Use this opportunity in the vast Karoo wilderness to deeply reflect, without those everyday distractions. No couples, no kids…just a group of like-minded women who want to refill their cup and have fun! I want you to kick back and fully revitalise on this Karoo Escape Women’s Retreat with me. All you need to do is show up, I’ll take care of the rest.

Meerkat safari


Meerkat encounter

Charming Karoo-style accommodation

Unique bush safari

Wine and olive tastings

Experience genuine Karoo hospitality

Fantastic photo opportunities

Charming country stops

Delicious local cuisine

Meet fabulous people


Dates: March 2019

Departure and end point: Port Elizabeth

Includes 3 Nights’ accommodation, 3 breakfasts, one Karoo-style dinner, Meerkat encounter, Bush safari, knowledgeable host and all transportation from PE


Karoo Escape Women's Retreat


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