Seven reasons to go on a women-only tour

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So many of my friends have been bitten by the travel bug…big time. When we get together, we constantly talk about our travel dreams. However, I find it so sad that many of them put these dreams on hold because they can’t find a travel buddy and also don’t want to travel solo. It’s hard to find a compatible travel partner who shares your interests. These women are married, single, widowed, divorced…all in the same boat. Furthermore, let’s be honest…men and women just travel differently! If your other half is a fisherman or a keen golfer, you know that they won’t hesitate to book that dream fishing trip or golf tour with the boys…But to sojourn through the rice paddies in Bali? I think not. Countless women have confessed to me that they’d rather leave their hubby/boyfriend behind. So what is a girl to do?

Women-only tour along the Garden Route
Women taking on the zipline challenge!

This is one of the reasons why I started Soul Safaris! If you aren’t quite brave enough to venture solo or want to leave the boys behind, join an organised tour group for women. These trips are fabulous because you literally just need to pack you bag and arrive. Everything is carefully planned so you make the most of your limited time off.

1. Challenge yourself

Be brave, you can do it! Traveling solo is a hugely liberating experience. If you join a group as a ”single”, you won’t be alone. Step out of your comfort zone and do something extraordinary. Have you ever abseiled down a mountainside or walked in a big five reserve? I have watched in amazement as women encouraged each other to do incredible things they never imagined they could do.

Bloukrans bungy…!

2. Meet like-minded women from around the globe (or your town)

You will meet women from all walks of life, but your common interests will likely kindle great friendships. A shared sense of wanderlust creates an amazing foundation for friendship. This is also a great opportunity to make world-wide connections. Age isn’t even an issue, it truly is but a number.

Women-only tour to Cape Town
Enjoying the stunning scenery along the West Coast

3. Girls just wanna have fun!

I’m pretty sure you sang that! When last did you have some fun? Get away from those daily pressures and let your hair down, be spontaneous and jump in that canoe or have another cocktail…it’s good for you!

Women-only tour Garden Route
Canoeing along the Bitou River in Plettenberg Bay

4. Relax…

As women, we always look after others; kids, parents, the neighbour’s cat…There never seems to be time to do something for ourselves. Let someone take care of you for a change! On an organised tour, there won’t be any planning for you to do, all you need is to pack your bag and show up. You don’t need to hassle with transport, spend hours looking for the best hotel deals or think about what to cook for dinner. I firmly believe that it’s not a holiday if you have to do the dishes!

Relaxing at Tanda Thula

5. Tech detox

An all-girls getaway is a great reason to ditch your phone and embrace one-on-one conversations with actual people. We are so obsessed with technology that it’s detrimental to our health! Reconnect with nature, breathe in the fresh air far from the madding crowd and feel the stress leave your body.

6. Dress to impress? No…

Don’t feel like shaving your legs or wearing make-up? You don’t have to. Who cares? On an all-girls trip, you don’t need to try and impress anyone. Exchange your heels and gloss for flip-flops and sunnies and fully embrace your time off.  

7. Slow things down

No need to rush. We have such hectic schedules that our days go by in a blur (can you even remember what you had for lunch?). You don’t need to stick to a strict time schedule while on holiday. Sleep late, read a book, have a long bath. If there are activities scheduled, it’s ok to skip them.

Exploring the beautiful Bo-Kaap

 It’s 2019. It’s a new year. It’s time to take care of YOU! If you don’t take care of your deepest needs, you can’t take care of the relationships and responsibilities around you. You will be doing society a favour actually…I dare you! Join a women-only tour to give your confidence and soul a boost! A

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