Soul Safaris: Women-only tours in Africa

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What is a Soul Safari?

Our women-only tours, Soul Safaris, were created to honour women from all walks of life who have a deep desire for soulful and immersive travel experiences in Africa. The itineraries are very carefully crafted to showcase particularly beautiful and ecologically significant parts of South Africa. We especially look for unique and immersive activities to get you out of your comfort zone. You’ll bake up a storm in a traditional farm kitchen, hike up Table Mountain or maybe even track wild cheetah. It’s very important to us that you don’t feel like just a number on a big tour bus. These are small-group trips with a maximum of 8 ladies to keep it intimate and personalised. Furthermore, a Soul Safari is a delicious treat, not necessarily in terms of luxury but in that it’s a unique, exclusive travel experience. All you need to do is pack your bags. A Soul Safari is the perfect gift to yourself for being you. You deserve it.

Soul Safaris: Women-only tours in Africa by Bush Marine Tours & Adventures
A safari on a Soul Safari!

How it came about

The inspiration for women-only tours actually came about when I was planning a trip to Europe with my husband. Although we had a great time, I realised that men and women just travel differently. I was also increasingly reminded that not everyone has a great travel companion and in those instances when solo travel isn’t an option, travelling can be really challenging and unfulfilling. Furthermore, Africa is quite an intimidating destination so most people opt to travel in a group. However, group travel can be tricky in its own right. Smooching couples and noisy teens are probably the last things you want to experience on your dream trip. All this sparked the idea to start designing small-group tours specifically for female travellers to give them the opportunity to travel safely in Africa without the hassles. I know what women appreciate, would like to see and experience. Further, I know the uncertainties associated with female travel and I want to give women the opportunity to travel with confidence. In addition, on women-only tours, you can let your hair down and just have fun!

Soul Safaris: women-only tours by Bush Marine Tours & Adventures
Taking selfies in the vineyards. Photo: Summerheart Photography

Who joins Soul Safaris?

A Soul Safari is more than a tour. It’s about inspiration, courage, adventure and friendship. It’s about being completely immersed in Africa and having someone take care of you for a change. These specially crafted trips are for women who:

  • love the outdoors and are craving an adventure
  • don’t have time to plan a trip
  • need a break from their daily routine
  • want a hassle-free experience
  • want to be deeply engaged in both culture and conservation¬†
  • appreciate the little things and insider knowledge
  • are looking for something ”different”
  • value exclusivity and a personalised service


Soul Safaris: women-only tours by Bush Marine Tours & Adventures
Girls just wanna have fun! Photo: Summerheart Photography

What are the benefits of these women-only tours?

Firstly, our Soul Safaris are female-guided ecotours. These guides or hosts are highly skilled and knowledgeable women who are passionate about Africa. Further, you’ll see all the ”must sees” but experience those hidden gems you’ll talk about for years to come as well. We know the sites and activities that are worthwhile so you won’t be disappointed or feel cheated. There is also plenty of free time to explore solo or with your new friends. Furthermore, you don’t have to waste time reading through hundreds of hotel reviews because you’ll stay in pre-approved eco-lodges and family-run guesthouses (we have high standards). Best of all; you don’t need a travel companion. You’ll be sharing this amazing experience with a small group of like-minded women. So you won’t have to worry about asking a stranger to watch your luggage or to take a picture of you! Very importantly, there’s no stress. The most stressful part will be deciding whether or not you’re going to have another glass of wine. All you need to do is arrange your flights, we will pick you up from the airport and drop you there again after the trip.¬†

Soul Safaris: women-only tours by Bush Marine Tours & Adventures
Join me – come fall in love with Africa!

What are you waiting for?

My favourite part about a Soul Safari is meeting amazing, accomplished and inspiring women and hearing their life stories. Each one’s story is filled with a mixture of loss, pain, achievements and joy and each story is beautiful. The connections made on these trips are truly remarkable. I love that a Soul Safari not only makes travel dreams come true but gives hope to those who need inspiration and gives a boost of confidence to those who don’t feel worthy. You are worthy.¬† Women are innately giving and put the needs of others first. But there comes a time when you need to do something for you. Maybe your time is now. Join me on an adventure of a lifetime and replenish your soul. Our women-only tours and safaris will not only make you fall in love with Africa, but you’ll love yourself more too! A

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